What we offer is not just technology, but a complete solution.

It allows you to solve your company's specific problems.

It also support you in delivering the best user experience.

Call steering

Replace your IVR system with our AI-powered routing system, so customers contacting your call center can simply describe what they want to talk about.

It's not only about a better customer experience, but also brings you data you can use to optimize your customer care processes.

Self service

Let your customers handle the most popular tasks with an automated system. By freeing your customer care staff from the most repeatable work you are allowing them to develop their skills and specialize. It's a win for everyone - customers, employees and your business.


Lekta is the perfect technology to take care of your outbound campaigns, like debt monitoring or customer satisfaction surveys.

Business intelligence

Each conversation generates a lot of business data, which you can use in your business intelligence systems.

Your conversational agent should not only deliver the best customer experience, but also bring you valuable business insights.


Lekta can easily be used in the channels your customers love the most, like Facebook or Google Assistant.

It's a perfect solution for improving your customer care processes, but also a new way to conduct unique marketing campaigns.

It also support you in delivering the best user experience.

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