We believe technology should adapt to the user, not the other way around.

We use context and well-researched conversational design patterns.

That’s allow users to talk in a way that is most natural to them.

Machine learning

We’re using state of the art machine learning, but only where we know it will improve the quality of the system without risking unpredictable behavior.


We use technology for speech recognition and Text-to-speech, which enables us to optimize the efficiency of the whole system and adapt it to your needs.


Lekta’s architecture is modular and supports easily adding integrations with external systems, like databases, CRMs, webservices and backoffice applications.

Graphical user interface

Use our web-based interface to design, develop and monitor your conversational agent. It’s specifically designed to support the iterative process of improving the experience using real data coming from your user interactions.

We have our own R&D team and cooperate with multiple universities.

It means you’ll always be leveraging the best available technology with Lekta.

Contact us

Lekta Tech al. 3 Maja 9 30-062 Kraków Poland

Arek Flinik CTO&Co-Founder

ask@lekta.ai +48 515 070 402