Bring your customer care to the AI age

We give you the conversational AI technology to create virtual agents.

You give your customers human-like interface to your business.

Use it everywhere

Lekta is ready to work in both voice and text channels.

One application can be used in multiple channels at the same time, including your Call Center infoline, Website, mobile app and FB Messenger.

Enterprise ready

Our technology has been successfully implemented in some of the largest Enterprises in Europe. Lekta is secure, scalable and designed to meet enterprise requirements.

Know-how & capability

Using our experience we’ve come up with a methodology that fits into your existing processes, technology and uses available data in an optimal way.

Contact us

Lekta Tech al. 3 Maja 9 30-062 Kraków Poland

Arek Flinik CTO&Co-Founder +48 515 070 402